Professional bummer. GV is a social change expert, organizational behavior and strategy consultant, speaker and facilitator. She asks pointed questions kindly.


  • Jed Emerson

    Jed Emerson

    Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship Thought Leader; Author of Free eBook: The Purpose of Capital; Promoting Social/Financial Innovation Globally

  • Nedret Şahin

    Nedret Şahin

    Turkish, Senior Experience Designer & Strategist at Mad*Pow where I advocate for people. Queer, intersectional feminist. My pronouns are she or they.

  • Cailian Savage

    Cailian Savage

    Top Writer: History, Economics, Culture, Life / Email: / Feel free to support me at

  • Tracy Bullock

    Tracy Bullock

    Career Coach & Inspiration Instigator. Simplicity we provide. Dreams we deliver. Weekly Deals & Dispatches:

  • daniel jiménez quiroz

    daniel jiménez quiroz

  • Tom Rutledge

    Tom Rutledge

    Finance guy, fixed income/alt credit OG. From time to time, by-lines appear as if by magic. “The John Wick of Trivia” -my kid.

  • christine w.

    christine w. ・ID: side profile of cantonese woman with glasses, black hair and half bun, wearing a blue, red & yellow patterned long sleeve shirt

  • Public Profit

    Public Profit

    Measure and manage what matters! Public Profit provides evaluation consulting services to nonprofits, schools, cities...

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