Professional bummer. GV is a social change expert, organizational behavior and strategy consultant, speaker and facilitator. She asks pointed questions kindly.

How organizations can take a mission-driven approach to improving, maintaining, and leveraging their data ecosystems.

DISCLAIMER: This is isn’t a piece about big data or data-as-commodity. This is an article about how data exist alongside people, places, and things — and what that means for our communities, organizations, and policies.

Data-driven, data-informed, data-enabled, data-centric, data data data. Data. Data are everywhere. We’ve heard.

Where are…

5 Ways Business Can Make Good on Statements Against Injustice

Capitol Riots, January 6, 2021. Sebastian Portillo /

Since the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, American corporate leaders have released an unprecedented number of public statements condemning violence, racism, and sedition. As the business community distances itself from the Trump administration and the MAGA rioters, there’s a familiar feeling among consumers, employees, and activists…

Genevieve Smith | GV Advisory

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